RMT—The RMT Guarantee




When you purchase an RMT KYSON fiber laser, you're not just buying a machine with the flexibility to cut a wide variety of sheet metals at blazing fast speeds, including highly reflective metals like copper and brass. And you're not just getting a quality machine constructed with a robust frame that's built to reduce vibrations and increase accuracy, either.

We're also sending our expert techs to install your new RMT KYSON fiber laser and train your personnel on operation, features, and safety. And did we mention that the diode generating the laser has an estimated lifetime of over 100,000 hours? But it's not the longevity, either, is it?

At RMT, we're not just committed to delivering the safest, fastest, most precise, most efficient, and most cost-effective machine on the market. No, at RMT, we're committed to service. Which means that we're committed to you. Around the clock, seven days a week.

When you purchase an RMT KYSON fiber laser, you're joining our family. Just ask our customers.